Step 3: ANALYZE: revamping my blog

The biggest thing that my revamped blog will need is a side bar on the left side. I want to put several widgets there, one on getting started and then a widget for each step of the DOABLE approach. This means I will need a new theme for my blog. My current theme doesn’t support a left side bar.I also want to look at my right side bar and consider changing what is over there too.

The other big area of this project is to look at my content plan and make sure that the posts I’m writing are helping to fill out all the steps of DOABLE family story project. First I’ll do one post for each step and then decide if it would be better to focus one each step for a week or a month or rotate around. I’m leaning toward focusing on each step in turn for about a month so I can really fill out the content for that step. I’ll plan on that for now and reevaluate if needed.

After I’ve picked a new theme and put the structure in place I’ll need to work on moving my old posts into the new structure. I think this should be worked on after I get the basics in place for the six steps in the DOABLE approach.

It is important at this stage to keep the LINK step in mind. I think it is time to venture out into social media and that would be a good way to share my revamped blog. I will probably start with Google+ and Pintrest.

Now for some deadlines:

  • pick new theme: Thursday, 25
  • left side bar: Monday, 29 April
  • reevaluate right bar: Tuesday, 30 April
  • getting started with the DOABLE approach post: Wednesday, 1 May
  • DECIDE basics post: Thursday, 2 May
  • ORGANIZE basics post: Monday, 6 May
  • ANALYZE basics post: Tuesday, 7 May
  • BUILD basics post: Wednesday, 8 May
  • LINK basics post: Thursday 9 May
  • EVALUATE basics post: Monday 13 May
  • move old content to new structure: Thursday, 16 May
  • start sharing with Google+: Monday, 3 June
  • start sharing with Pintrest: Monday, 1 July
  • check revamp so far and adjust content plan if needed: Tuesday 14 May
  • move forward with new content plan: Monday, 20 May

I’m not sure that my deadlines are realistic but it gives me something to shoot for and I can adjust them if I need to. I really like the idea of having the new look if not the content in place by May 1st. It sound like a great way to start a new month.

How about you? Do you have a plan in place for your next family story project?




5 thoughts on “Step 3: ANALYZE: revamping my blog

    • I feel that way a lot too! Putting some order to all that I have to do is what helps keep me sane. It helps me figure out what is really important to me. These days I’m trying to move forward on the principle that if it is important I’ll find a way to get it done. But that is only after I’ve really looked at what is on my plate and given it some priority. It takes time and it doesn’t always work perfectly but it is helping me to feel less stress.

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