Step 4: BUILD revamping my blog – new theme

So how do you like my new theme? I think it is going to work just fine. Someday I plan to customize my layout but it isn’t time for that yet. There were several other themes I liked but the text color just didn’t work for me and I couldn’t change it. I am excited about this revamp and I can’t wait to get everything all set up. Too bad I have other things that need doing or I’d spend the next several days focused on it and get it done for next week. But I have a plan and I will get it done. Here are my goals for next week:

  • left side bar: Monday, 29 April
  • reevaluate right bar: Tuesday, 30 April
  • getting started with the DOABLE approach post: Wednesday, 1 May
  • DECIDE basics post: Thursday, 2 May

I hope to get a pupdate post done tomorrow and a Joy Jar post on Saturday. I’ve got a quickly approaching deadline for a chapter of my dad’s Navy history. He is going to an Underwater Swimmer School reunion next month and would love to take as much as I can get together about the history of the school. He was one of the original instructors in 1954.

If you could drop all your other responsibilities, what would you work on this weekend?


3 thoughts on “Step 4: BUILD revamping my blog – new theme

  1. We are working our way thru Seattle as we head to Vancouver and the Alaska Inside passage cruise. Apex is a prolific and international traveler and has once again helped me navigate our way thru another city finding various historic sites and places to eat and sleep. Tomorrow we take the train to Vancouver and Monday board the ship.

    • I’m so excited that you are able to give us an update on your trip so far. Apex is an amazing dog. Sometimes I think back on how little we knew when we were raising Apex and I wonder how he turned out so good. He is a quality dog that is for sure. We will be thinking about you as you continue on your journey. Give a wave to Casey and Carrie as you sail out of Vancouver on Monday.

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