Step 2: ORGANIZE: revamping my blog

Since I’m following the DOABLE approach on revamping my blog today it is time for step two: organize. Yesterday I decided that it was time to refocus. I want it to be easy and clear for anyone to get started or complete a family story project and my current blog isn’t doing that. So that is step one complete.

Step two: Organize: I have over a years worth of content on my blog but it doesn’t automatically fit into the new DOABLE structure. The Ideas & Inspiration posts should work in the decide phase. When I’m decided what to do for a new project, I like to look at ideas and hope for inspiration and a vision of how I want a new project to be like. The How To post should fit nicely into the build step of the DOABLE approach. My Projects post could go lots of different places but I think I will also keep them together and keep a My Projects tab at the top along with My Life and My Puppies. I think I’ll combine the About Me tab with the My Life tab. I think the Mary Taylor tab will become My Grandma Mary. When that book becomes generally available there will be some content for the book that I want to keep in one place and easy to find.

Now I can see that I have lots of area of the DOABLE approach that won’t have any or at least not much content to start with, namely, Organize, Analyze, Link and Evaluate. Next step is Analyze: the planning stage where I will figure out all that this blog revamping will need to carry out my vision.

Did you decide on a new family story project? If so take the next step and organize. Gather together the information and resources you already have and see where you stand. Haven’t decided yet? It isn’t to late to get started.


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