My Joy Jar


In the last two weeks I have found happiness in the following things:

  • fresh fluffy snow
  • seeing Yakira
  • Dune sleeping with her “belly to the sky”
  • sunshine
  • licorice
  • the taste of chocolate
  • Dune’s groans while she is sleeping
  • good weather for our drive to Oregon
  • eating sweet juicy oranges
  • watching the video of Pauletta’s reunion with her raiser
  • sunshine
  • Dune happily eating our of a Kong stuffed with dog food
  • Dune in Bill’s lap
  • fresh snow
  • hanging out with Yakira and Diane
  • singing
  • sun on fresh snow
  • email from Yakira and Diane
  • Yakira’s “wiggle-wiggle”
  • sleeping in my own bed
  • meeting Diane
  • seeing Mount Hood
  • Jeremy’s help shoveling snow
  • taking a nap
  • snuggle with Dune and Zodiac
  • petting soft kitty paws
  • being at Yakiras graduation
  • having a warm home to live in
  • the belt I made working
  • Zodiac and Dune sitting at the top of the stairs
  • looking at photos of Yakira & Diane from graduation

I’ve finally added photos to the post about Yakira’s graduation. Sorry for being so lax the last while on getting my posts done. Monday will be a new week and I’ll will be back on track! Thanks to all of my loyal followers.


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