Mary Text – Next Revision

Today I reread Brandy’s posts on Storytelling for Genealogist with the Mary book in mind. While it didn’t inspire me to take a whole new approach to the text it did help me to approach it a bit differently. I had been unsure about how to start the narrative off and Brandy’s advice on conflict and cost gave me better focus on what to do. I think the flow of the story is much improved. Plus I was able to improve the ending by comparing the beginning status to the end of the story. That was another great suggestion Brandy had in her third post in the series.

Another thing I came to better understand from Brandy’s series is that while my mom is very good at editing for spelling, punctuation etc., she isn’t able to help me with content editing. I was beginning to realize this but I didn’t know how to articulate what the challenge was. I also like Brandy’s hint to read it out loud. I was hoping to get my edits typed up today but I didn’t make it. But I should be able to get them done tomorrow and posted. Then I’m going to find someone to read it out loud so I can see how it sounds.



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