50 for 50 #26 – Learn Somthing New

The year is half gone and I’ve now crossed over the half way point in my 50 for 50. This week I decided it was time to learn something new. Bill has played around with making bracelets out of paracord. He is coming up to the first day of Girls Camp in a couple of weeks to teach the girls how to make them. He showed me a new sample bracelet that I really liked, so today he taught me how to do it. It is the KBK Bar and there is a very good video on how to do it by TIAT. Tying It All Together makes the best videos on how to tie knots that I’ve ever seen.

Here are the photos from my effort. The rope I’m using isn’t paracord but it works ok for practicing. We have a bunch of paracord on order but it hasn’t arrived yet.

my finished KBK Bar bracelet

wearing my new KBK Bar bracelet


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