50 for 50 #24 – Eat Something New – Kale Chips


All week I have wondered what I wanted to do to celebrate my 50th year. This morning we picked up our produce from Bountiful Baskets and I found the answer, kale. I few weeks ago we got into a “kale” discussion with a waitress. This lead to an internet search and the wish to try some kale and maybe even grow some. So I had a bunch of kale. Now how do I fix it to eat it? I did a kale search on AllRecipes.com (my favorite recipe site) and found a recipe for Baked Kale Chips. I remember the waitress saying something about kale chips and the recipe was simple enough so I gave it a try. From reading the reviews the big key to success is in cooking it just the right amount of time. I think I succeeded. They were very crispy but not burnt. The taste reminded me of broccoli. Bill didn’t seem to like them much, saying something about them being an acquired taste. I only used about half the kale so I’ll being trying another recipe soon.

my lunch with a sandwich, apricot and kale chips

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten kale before today and I’m certain I’ve never had kale chips. Have you ever eaten kale? Did you like it? How have you prepared it?


4 thoughts on “50 for 50 #24 – Eat Something New – Kale Chips

  1. I use kale in a soup-kale and white beans with carrots and onions and a handful of pasta. I can send u the recepie if u want it… It is wonderfully filling on a cold damp day or add a sandwich-toasted cheese is great-and it works well for a evening meal.

    • I would love your Kale soup recipe. It was rather cool here today so I make some kale soup with toasted cheese. I didn’t have any carrots though. Bill like the kale is soup much better than as chips.

      • 1 can white navy beans – drained (and rinsed if the salt is an issue for you)
        1 bunch of kale -roughly chopped
        1 large white onion – diced
        1 carrot – juilianned or diced
        1 cup uncooked pasta – I use whole wheat penne
        1 can of stewed tomatoes (juice and all) – I use the Garlic and Basil flavored ones
        salt/pepper/garlic to taste
        enough broth (I use veggie) or water to cover and then 1 cup more

        How to: (THIS DOES NOT freeze well.)
        *dump all items in a large stock pot, turn on meduim and check on water level every so often.
        *Let cook for at least 45 min with a lid on the pot. (because I used whole wheat pasta it handles the cooking time -if you use white pasta add it about 1/2 way through cooking time)

        I make this at night while I am watching TV/cleaning house etc. and then let it sit overnight in the fridge in a glass or plastic dish. It is MUCH better the next day. If you end up with a bowl of left overs and little broth – never fear add some parmesan cheese and eat like a pasta dish.

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