50 for 50 #22 – Wood Badge

First Wood Badge training at Gilwell Park

First Wood Badge training at Gilwell Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From start to finish Wood Badge was an amazing experience. There was lots of great information. The staff worked really hard to make it interesting and to help us understand. There is no way to explain what Wood Badge is all about. It has to be experienced to understand. The short version is Wood Badge is a leadership course taught in the context of the scouting organization. The principles are the same as many corporate leadership trainings but with the energy of the boy scouts instead of the often boring style of the business world. If you ever take Wood Badge you won’t regret it.

I want to put together something to celebrate this experience. They had a photographer there and I think that we will have access to all the photos he took. I’m pretty sure I want to do a book with all or most of the photos and maybe a video with mostly photos from my patrol, the owls. I also have lots of little trinkets they call totems that I want to save in some organized and meaningful way.

Have any of you ever been to Wood Badge?


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