My Current Projects: Goals and Progress

Evaluate Goals for last week:

++ print goals for the week: Yeah, I got my goals printed!
++ get 50 for 50 blog post caught up: Yeah again I got my 50 for 50 post done too.
0    blog ahead for Thursday and Friday: I got posts done on Mary Taylor but not what I wanted to do so I gave my self a zero on this.
+    write 5 emails to family on Mary Taylor’s sailing on the Horizon: I got 4 of the 5 emails done.
0    figure out how to schedule emails to go off while I’m at Wood Badge: I thought I figured out how to do this and left my computer on but when I got home the emails were still sitting in my outbox.
+5   rate on my progress, better than last week.

Progress on projects not on my goal list:

I did a bit of research on the Horizon but no real results.

Goals for this week:

  1. print goals for the week
  2. post at least once per day, Monday to Saturday
  3. write 1 email to family on Mary Taylor’s sailing on the Horizon
  4. send reference images to Kim for the Horizon
  5. add links to blog
  6. print Martin’s Cove Journal
  7. rate my progress

We leave for Casey’s graduation Thursday night. I am going to try using Bill’s laptop to do some post while we are in Oregon. I’ll be moving my puppy post to Saturday so I can post about Casey’s graduation. Friday I plan to do my 50 for 50 for the week.


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