50 for 50 #13 – Jigsaw Puzzle

our puzzle after Friday nights marathon

I always enjoyed jigsaw puzzles growing up and even as an adult but it has been at least 10 years since I took the time to put a puzzle together. So I thought it would be a good activity for my 50th year celebration. I picked up a 1,00 piece puzzle while I was out running errands this week and we started on it on Friday evening. The puzzle I picked was an image by folk artist Charles Wysocki. His painting remind me of my days working at Coni’s Art Warehouse in Lindon.

We got all the edge pieces done and then went about our other evening activities. As we were getting ready for bed, I found Bill back at the puzzle and I made the mistake of sitting down at the coffee table too just to put in a couple of pieces. Well, one piece lead to another and next thing we knew it was 3 in the morning. Thank goodness we didn’t have any commitments on Saturday until 11: 30 a.m. It was so tempting to start back on the puzzle the next morning but we still had a bit of prep before we went to teach a Dog Care Merit Badge class. So we used all our strength to resist the call of the puzzle.

Yakira watching from the other side of the x-pen

We didn’t get back to the puzzle until Saturday evening and we were able to finish it up. Yakira got into the mix Saturday morning when she picked up three pieces off the coffee table and munched on one of them pretty good. We stopped this by using the x-pen and blocking off her access to the puzzle. We sure had a lot of fun and I think we should make puzzles a part of our lives. Bill’s family is coming over for Easter. Maybe we should get out a puzzle then.

Have you done any puzzles lately? How do you keep from staying up all night once you get started?


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