Yakira’s Toy Trick

Yakira and her toy trick

Yakira has a small tug toy that she really loves. We bought it a couple of months ago at our local IFA. Yakira and I went there just as an outing and discovered that they had some toys that were right for a puppy in training. They had the tug toy in several sizes and I decided to try the smaller one this time. I’ve had a bigger version of it in that past that all the pups have enjoyed. It is a great size to drop in a bag and take on long outings. She is a gentle enough chewer that it works good as a supervised chew toy too. Well today she was picking it up and enticing me to play tug with her and then dropping it again. Then she picked it up in the middle and the two ends folded in and the toy became like a spring in her mouth. It was so cute and had to get a picture. That was the hard part. She kept dropping the toy when I’d snap the photo. But I finally got a decent shot of her doing her toy trick.

Yakira and her purple tug toy


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