Banta’s Book – Breakneck

Breakneck: likely to end in a broken neck

Even though Banta can run at breakneck speed that isn’t what this is about. Banta is a master at playing tug and she knows how to use all of her resources to the best of her ability. She has this incredible way of using all her weight and just the right timing to whip her head. Sometimes if you are not prepared it feels like she is going to dislocate your shoulder. If she had to be a hunter to catch game for her children she would have no trouble at all dispatching what ever she caught. With one shake of her head that poor creatures neck would be broken.

[photo 1: close-up of Banta with her teeth showing as she grabs hold of a red canvas tug toy that is shaped like a bone with a handle on one end, photo 2: Banta low to the ground playing tug with the same toy, photo 3: Banta playing tug with Lisa Monson – Banta at the bottom of the stairs in our family room and Lisa sitting on the stairs]

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