Banta’s Book – Breeder

Breeder: an animal that produces offspring

On November 3rd, 2010 Banta was recalled for breeder evaluations to Guide Dogs for the Blind’s San Rafael campus.

On December 9th we got word that Banta had been “pulled” for breeding but still had final testing to go through before being confirmed as a breeder.

On February 9th, 2011 we finally got word that Banta’s breeding clearances were in and she was officially a breeder.

One week later, on February 16th, we found out that Banta was going to be spayed. It seems her drama queen side came out and she had started to react negatively to needles and other equipment commonly used with breeders and it became clear that they didn’t want to use her as a breeder. Banta, that was a very short career as a breeder!

[photo taken the day Banta was recalled to GDB – photo 1: Bill standing in front of the GDB puppy truck with Banta sitting by his side – the truck has photos of young lab and golden retriever puppies, photo 2 & 3: close up images of Banta in the kennel on the puppy truck – one she is looking to the side the other she is looking straight ahead with a curious look on her face]

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