Banta’s Book – Brash

Brash: impertinent; impudent; tactless

Banta has some unique ways of sitting. One of her favorites is to rotate so far back that she is sitting on her spine instead of her hips. When she does it her hips relax and she looks so slouchy.  Another favorite way is almost the opposite. She sits with her weight shifted forward and her knees tucked in with her feet out to the side.

[photo 1: view of Banta sitting from behind with her tail stick straight out the back and her back legs spread wide – in the background are several other puppies in training – the was Banta’s last puppy meeting it was taken in our living room, photo 2: close-up of Banta sitting with her back legs tucked tight into her sides, photo 3: front view of Banta sitting on her dog bed – she has rolled so far back on her tail that her back legs are sticking out in front of her and her belly is in full view]

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