Banta’s Book – Bow

Bow: to bend or curve downward

Banta has a cute little thing she does sometimes when she wants to lay down. It looks kind of like a bow. It all starts with a stretch of her back legs. She extends them back in such a way that she ends up with the top of her back feet on the floor. If you are familiar with yoga positions it looks a lot like “up dog.” From here she slides her back feet away from her front feet until she belly flops on the floor.  There she lays for a second or two with her legs stretch straight out in front and in back of her. Then she shifts to lay on her side. I was never able to capture this process on film because I never knew when she was going to do it.

[photo 1: a side view of Banta on our landing with her front paws out in front and her head low to the ground and her back end up in the air, photo 2: Banta laying on the landing looking down the stairs, photo 3: close-up of Banta with her head tilted to one side]

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