Shadow’s Law’s Part 5

Concept – Using Drop Caps: Because the text on each page is in a different location I decided to use drop caps to make draw your eye to the beginning of the paragraph. I use Adobe InDesign for all my layouts and adding drop caps is very simple. When you have the text tool in the paragraph you want to add a drop cap to you can then use the paragraph pallet to control how the drop cap is applied. One icon (with an uppercase A and several rows of little lines to the right) controls how many lines down the drop cap goes. In Shadow’s Laws I used three lines. To the right of this icon is another similar icon with both “Aa” and the rows of little lines. This is where you tell is if you want it to apply to more than one letter at the beginning of a paragraph. 
I know very little about Word but the link below takes you through how to apply drop caps in that program. I’m sure a Google search would give you instructions for any other program you might be using.

Also notice that I changed the font of the drop cap from, Kristen ITC to Dream of Me, to match the font I used in the thought bubbles for the laws. This brings even more emphasis to the beginning of the paragraph and helps to visually connect the text on the page. I also use this same font at the end of each paragraph for the concluding statement of each law.

Shadow’s Law #8: If you have to choose between food and fun, choose fun!
Playing is my favorite thing to do. I remember one day just as I had decided I was hungry and wanted to eat, Bill asked me if I wanted to run an errand with him. I was torn between going with Bill and eating. I was so hungry. So I grabbed a quick bit of food and headed off to have some fun.
Take time to enjoy life!
Shadow’s Law #9: Gentle strength can change the world!
When I meet someone new I just figure that they want to be my friend. Sometimes they are afraid of me. I remember one man whose walk home from work took him past our house. At first he would make sure he was on the other side of the street. Then he got a chance to get to know me better and realized that just because I’m a big dog doesn’t mean there is anything to be scared of. 
You never know how much we influence another’s view of the world. Your quiet confidence can help them to see the word in a better way.

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