Shadow’s Laws Part 6

Challenge: Text over busy backgrounds like photos can be difficult to read. Of course when possible put the text on the least busy part of the photo. The next thing to do when placing text over photos is to experiment with light and dark colored text to see which one shows up best. Notice in Law #9 that the text on the left side is in white and the text and the right side is in black. Adding a small drop shadow to white text can sometimes make a big difference in readability. The last tactic I’ve use here is to alter the photo. In Law #10 I darkened the photo under the text to help it stand out better while on Law #6 I made the photo lighter. Sometime the rubber stamp tool in Photoshop can help even out a busy background. This is what I did for Law #4. Sometimes you have to be creative to find what works best.
Shadow’s Law #10: When life is hard, take time to do something you love!
This law served me especially well during the last weeks of my life. When I could be out in nature (the mountains are my favorites) doing what I love most, I could forget about the challenges and discomforts of life. Being in the mountains has a rejuvenating power for me. My spirit was still strong and alive but my body was going downhill fast. Being in an environment that I love and smelling and experiencing the beauty of nature was so exhilarating. I bet you have places or activities that are like that for you too.
Doing something you love can recharge your batteries and you are strengthened to deal with life’s challenges.
Now we have come to the end of this project. It has been fun sharing it with you and I hope that it has been helpful. Small project like this are so much easier to tackle than big “life history” type projects but they can be just as meaningful and much more approachable. Also I think that small books are easy for anyone to pick-up and read. One of my goals with the “Beyond Words Project” is to help you to share what is important to you with more people. It is much easier to do that when the project is appealing and pulls the reader into the book. A 700 page book in black and white is a great way to gather and preserve information but there is a very limited number of people who are willing to wade through a book like that.
As Shadow would say, don’t forget to enjoy the journey!

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