Shadow’s Law’s Part 4

Concept: In this book all of the text is put on top of the photos. This can create a challenge sometimes as to where to put the text. It would be unusual if you could put the text in the same place on every photo because the focal point of each photo could be in a different place. So the first thing is to determine what you don’t want to cover up with text. Faces are usually the focal point in most photos with people or animals. 
Next you have to decided where to put the thought bubbles. I wanted to be able to put them somewhere that they wouldn’t cover up anything important but I also needed to be able to connect the bubble to somewhere near Shadow’s head with the little trail of bubbles. As you can see in Laws #4 & #6 that above his head didn’t always work. You have to be flexible in working with the photo to figure out what works.
Then there was the text to tell about how Shadow applied this law in his life. Law #3 was easy because there wasn’t too much text and it all fit very nicely over the cream colored shirt in rectangular text box. In Law #6 I had to shape the text around Buddy’s head by creating a shape and having the text wrap around it so it wouldn’t cover up his face. Law #7 was easier because I could either do it the same way as I did Law #6 or I could manually shorten the first few lines of text on the right side until I got past Shadow’s head.
Shadow’s Law #6: Sometimes go slow! Sometimes go fast!
Oh how I love to run! And boy can I run fast. But If I run all the time I miss too many of the smells. So I do some of both when I’m on walks. If I’m running fast and catch a new smell as I a go by, I skid to a stop and go back to see what I’ve missed. I think this is the best way to experience the world. If you go fast all the time you miss stuff. But if you go slow all the time you just can’t see enough of the world. 
So enjoy life at a variety of speeds. Sometimes take it slow but make sure that when you are able, go all out!
Shadow’s Law #7: Keep on moving, even if you have to use only three legs!
Sometimes I get stickers stuck in my paws. I think they are called puncture weeds. I’ll be running along having a great time and then all of a sudden I get a really sharp pain in one of my paws. I’ve gotten really good at quickly pulling this foot up and moving along on three legs instead of four. I hate to stop and get help to get the sticker out as long as I can keep moving. If I keep moving sometimes the sticker will just fall out. Once in a while I get multiple stickers in multiple feet. Then I can’t figure out which feet to put down and which feet to hold up. Then I have to wait for help before I can move on. 
When obstacles come don’t let the little ones slow you down. Sometimes though you have to stop and get help from a friend.

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