Shadow’s Law’s Part 3

Concept: With the laws written and the idea of using thought bubbles decided it was time to find photos to illustrate each of the 10 laws. This can be challenging depending on how many photos you have. Too few or too many can make the selection process difficult. I usually start by finding my favorite photos and seeing where they fit best. With this simple design I just needed one photo per law. Then I picked a law and looked for photos that would work and selected between them. For those laws there wasn’t a great match I picked one that I thought was compatible with the law even if it did illustrate it in a strong way. It can also be helpful to pick a back-up option in case the chosen photo doesn’t work out for some reason when putting all the elements together.

Shadow’s Law #5: Find something interesting in each and everyplace, old or new!

This world is such an amazing place. I love to discover something new around every corner. Even in the little block were I live I can find interesting things each night as we walk around before going to bed. And new places, wow there is so much that I can’t see it all fast enough. There is so much of interest is life I am always ready for the next adventure, where ever it may be.

By looking for the good things in life we will find more of what is good!

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