Shadow’s Law’s Part 2

Concept: One of the next decisions I made was how to highlight the 10 Laws. I decided to use “thought” bubbles to set them apart and to emphasis the idea that Shadow was the author of these laws. I created a simple bubble in Photoshop and then rotated and stretched to fit each page. I also adjusted the transparency so that the background photo shows through a little. Finally I added a drop shadow to give some depth and add impression that the thought bubbles are floating in the air.

Shadow’s Law #2: Let them know that you missed them!

Because I love being with people I notice when I’m not with them and I’ve learned that people like to know how you feel about them. I’m so excited when I see my family or friends. I remember a time when we lived in Boston, I looked forward to our afternoon excursions at the dog play area. All the dogs would come and play. Bill surprised us one day by coming home early while we were playing. I was so happy to see him that I couldn’t help but let him know. I thought every dog was like that but some of the other owners were I little jealous that their pouches had never been that happy to see them.

Don’t hide your joy at seeing someone, nothing makes them feel more loved than to know that they were missed. It doesn’t matter how long it has been!

Shadow’s Law #3: It’s fun to go & it is just as fun to get back home again!

Because I love adventure and exploring I’m always excited when I get to go somewhere, anywhere, with my family. I never know what fun they have in store for me. I can’t help but get excited when I recognize that we are coming home again. I feel safe at home.

It’s good to be happy where ever you are & enjoy the ride of life.

Shadow’s Law #4: Life is a great adventure! Don’t get stuck in one place too long.

Walks are my favorite things. There is so much to see, smell and do. I always stay close to my family so when they stop to rest (humans aren’t as strong as dogs) I wait patiently for them. Sometimes they rest too long, forgetting the great adventures that are around the next bend. Then I remind them that it is time to move on. You can miss so much of life if you stay in the same place too long.

Remember to get out of your comfort zone and go seek a new adventure, learn something new or improve yourself in some way.

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