50 for 50 #11 – Finding a Windmill

Bill and the wind generators near the Jordan River Narrows

Today after church I packed up a lunch and we drove to the Jordan River Narrows to see how close we could get to the wind generators there. I wanted to visit a windmill in honor of the time I spent in Holland with the National Volleyball Team back in 1985 on a tour of Europe. We discovered that the road that got close we couldn’t access but the Jordan River Trail went just down the slope from two of them right next to what remains of a third wind generator. It was cool being so close and I could feel the amazing powder of those huge blades. These wind generators are not much like the windmill in Holland. But it was a lovely walk with sunshine and about 60 degrees with a brisk south wind that kept the blades turning at a steady rate.

wind generators near the Jordan River Narrows



A Walk in the Park

Casey and Waffle happily enjoying a rest on the cool grass

Today Lisa and I took the girls for a relaxing walk in the park. It was pretty hot so we stuck to the shade as much as possible. We all enjoyed ourselves especially when we just hung out in the cool shade for awhile. Casey and Waffle are so cute together. I can’t help but remember when Banta was the grown-up dog and Casey was the little one.