Waffle Book – Wild

Like most labs, Waffle has moments of wildly racing through the house. She has one funny habit. She is a toy collector. There is a spot in the living room that she likes to collect most of the dog toys. And her favorite thing is to have two toys at once. One to chew on and another toy underneath to hold the toy up to make it easier to reach.

Waffle Book – Wholesome


Her lean and lanky frame makes Waffle the picture of power and health. She is very athletic and we have yet to see how tall she is going to be. She passed up Casey in the height department before her 7 month birthday. Though Waffle was still a few pounds lighter but I’m sure she will pass her up on that too before much more time passes.

Waffle Book – Whirligig

Waffle was on the reserved side with how much she wagged her tail when she was little. She always had a happy little tail wag for any stranger but she didn’t seem to have one for me. Maybe it was just that I was always around. She is much more liberal with her tail wagging now and when she gets excited her tail actually goes in a circle.

I had a really hard time trying to get a picture or her tail wagging. As you can see I didn’t succeed very well. Every time I pulled out the camera to get her tail she would spin around so her head was facing me or she would sit down.

Waffle Book – Wet

Waffle had wet ears many of the days she was in our home. Casey has a weakness for puppy ears. She loves to suck on them. She just can’t seem to help herself. The only thing that helps is bitter apple. But that only lasts a day or two and then she is back at sucking on Waffle’s ears.

Waffle is very patient about it and in some ways actually seems to enjoy it when Casey sucks on her ears. Sometimes even the top of her head gets all slobbered on. So Waffle with wet ears is a common sight.


Waffle Book – Well-liked

With her cute face, fun personality and soulful eyes, Waffle attracts lots of attention everywhere we go. She has lots and lots of fans.

The kids at church always want to come and pet her. She loves the kids but she has a challenge with them petting her on her head. She sees there little hands coming down toward her head and she thinks that it is a game and that she is supposed to catch their fingers with her mouth. They see her mouth opening and they pull their hands back reinforcing the game. Waffle does better if they will give her chest a rub instead of the top of her head.

Waffle Book – Watchful

Ever watchful, Waffle is often content to just see what is happening from a far. She has an intense gaze and seems to be taking it all in and analyzing the world around her. When we took the FrontRunner commuter train for a puppy class she made sure that she could see up and down the aisle. Then she was content to watch what was happening. She didn’t fall asleep, she stayed alert the whole trip to Layton and back.

Waffle Book – Wary

Waffle can be wary of new or unusual situations. We did a photo shoot at a studio and she wasn’t at all happy with the situation. She was good and patient about it but she didn’t like it.

The first time we went to puppy class she was not at all sure about going into a strange house. She soon learned about new houses and now has no trouble.

Waffle is never wary about people. She loves to met new people and she thinks that everyone she meets is just as happy to meet her.

Waffle Book – Warm-hearted

Waffle has a kind heart deep inside. Sometimes her excitement can hide that tender side. She has grown-up with another puppy in training, Casey. They snuggle together every night and sometime when they are hanging out at a meeting. Waffle likes to snuggle up beside us when we sit on the floor.

We took her to the State Fair and she was really interested in all the animals. She was very gentle and the animals were very interested in her too.