Another Illustration for the Mary Book

I thought I would share the latest illustration for our Mary book project. This illustration is of Brigham Young telling the people in the Salt Lake Valley about the handcart pioneer in need of help. It is exciting to be making steady progress on getting this book finished. My mom turns 90 in a couple of months and this will be a major part of her birthday.

I’ve been working on the text and made some major changes to it which I think will make it more interesting. Plus during a brainstorming session we came up with the idea of having an image to search for in each illustration which relates to another story from the Martin Handcart company. The back of the book will give the images to search for and the little story. I think I’ll post the text on my next update.



50 for 50 #45 – Juniors Cheesecake


(Photo credit: karendotcom127)

For Bill’s birthday we ordered a Juniors Cheesecake. When we were in Brooklyn we enjoyed Juniors Cheesecakes and we brought a couple back to Utah with us when we moved from Brooklyn so I thought it would be a fun way to also celebrate my 50th year. We have invited his mom and brothers over for a birthday dinner, so that will make it a fun day for him. I need to make some sort of fruit sauce for the cheesecake. We have a bunch of pomegranates so I might try that. But I should probably have a more traditional flavor too. I think I might pick up some birthday candles too. We haven’t had birthday candles recently and I think it would be fun.

50 for 50 #6 – Provo

While I was in Provo this week I thought it would be a goo time to go by all the places I lived during my many years there. Besides the years I went to school at BYU, there were also the years while Bill went to BYU plus we lived there for several more years after he graduated. I was able to remember where all of them were except one. It was one that had been torn down. There were two corners that were possibles so I had to look up the address and then go back again.
Of the ten places I lived in Provo, three of them have been torn down. One, “The Red Uglies” was torn down while I still lived in the area. I took a bunch of pictures of it at the time. It was kind of a special place because my mom had lived there too, when she was going to BYU. Another place “The Brick Oven”, an old apartment building, was the second place we lived after we got married. One of our neighbors was Tag Romney and his wife. They lived there because his parents had lived there when Tag was born. Funny that his dad, Mitt is now running for President of the United States. It is kind of a small world.

The Elms - the first place I lived in Provo in 1980 - 29 East 700 North


Taylor Apartments - 25 East 900 North #5


78 East 700 North - where the Red Uglies once stood


50 East 600 North - I lived one summer in the attic of an old house that once stood here


331 North 100 East


584 North 300 East - I lived in the house that was here


Willowbrook Condos - 1790 Willowbrook


50 East 900 North - this is the first place we lived after Bill and I got married.
We entered in through what was the garage then most of the apartment was in the basement.


"Brick Oven" - 511 North 100 West #4 & #2


210 South 600 West - This is the first home we bought.
It was built in 1864 for the youngest wife of a Squire Whipple who was in the same pioneer company as Brigham Young.

50 for 50 #4 – Feeding Willow

Feeding Willow Carrots

Today I took some carrots with me and fed them to my niece’s horse, Willow. Will could smell the carrots and came over to the fence and was waiting for them. She was a good girl and took them very gently. I picked this as one of my 50 for 50 things in honor of the horses that lived in the pasture behind our house in Ogden. Sometime we would feed them carrots through a hole in our wooden fence. There was also a beautiful old barn with a the classic “barn” roof line. When I imagine the prefect place to live, I dream of a view out one of my windows with a pasture with horses and a similar barn. Maybe that all stems back to the years we lived with a horse pasture behind us. This pasture and barn are long gone, being replace with modern developments.

Utah State Fair

We took the girls to the State Fair today. It was lots of fun. Banta and Casey got to see some animals that they have never seen before (pigs, sheep, cows etc.), meet lots of people and experience new things. We went first thing in the morning because it was going to be hot and we didn’t want it to be too crowded for Casey. While Bill and Casey were watching a presentation on knives, Banta and I got to chat with that big purple robot dude. Banta wasn’t very interested in him and he tried to get me to let him hold Banta leash while I took a photo.We also had lots of opportunities to chat with regular people about GDB.  It was a good day and we were all tired when we got home.