Memoir App

Memoir App for iPhone

Have you seen the Memoir App for iPhone – Instant Memories? It looks super interesting. We are an android household so I can’t wait until they make it for android. I wonder just how it will affect they way we record our lives and tell our stories. So far I haven’t found a family history type review of the app but you can find more info here:

If you have any experience with this app, know some who does or find a family stories oriented review I’d love to hear about it. Have you found other apps that help you to share your family stories?

Battle Field History Apps

Battle Apps for the Civil War

Our local news had an interesting story about smart phone apps for several of America’s famous battle fields. I wonder what it would take to make similar apps for important places and events in our own family histories. Wouldn’t that be cool!

Here are links to the story I saw

And here are some other news stories from the NeoTreks website:

If you could put together an app for a story project what would you do?