Streched Too Thin

Life has tried to tell me something for while now and I think I’m starting to get the message. I’ve got too many things on my plate and I’m not doing any of them as well as I would like to. One of the things that ironically I have totally neglected is doing family histories for my mom. She is almost 91 and she is aging more rapidly the last year or so. She takes great joy and satisfaction in these histories and I don’t want to regret that I got sidetracked and didn’t get as many done for her as a could have or should have.

That being said I have a great desire, even passion to help others do meaningful family history projects too. That wish is why I do this blog and why it has taken me so long to come to this decision. In the last day or two it finally sunk in, I’ve gotten things out-of-order. While this blog is an important part of my long-term goals, it isn’t more important than getting histories done for my mom.

So I’m shifting my priorities and backing way off on the number of posts I’ll be doing for the foreseeable future. After I finish the 50 Jar Gifts Challenge, I’m going to be posting once a week with an occasional pupdate thrown in. I’m also going to let go of trying to get all 50 Jar Gifts posted before Christmas. If it happens great. But if not, I’m not going to stress about it.

To make those weekly post of the most benefit to my loyal followers, please let me know what kind of topics you would most like to see. If you would rather send your suggestions in a private email ( that would be great too. Hopefully this change of focus will help you too, by making the time you spend reading my posts more productive. Thanks so much for your input.

Battle Field History Apps

Battle Apps for the Civil War

Our local news had an interesting story about smart phone apps for several of America’s famous battle fields. I wonder what it would take to make similar apps for important places and events in our own family histories. Wouldn’t that be cool!

Here are links to the story I saw

And here are some other news stories from theĀ NeoTreks website:

If you could put together an app for a story project what would you do?