Blog Revamp – New Content Plan

Arriving at your intended destination is more likely with a plan. So I’ve made an adjusted content plan for my revamped blog. The funny part of this plan is that I’ve already messed it up by the two earlier post today (Pupdate & Joy Jar). I guess it just reminds me again that plans are important but just following the plan is not the goal. The plan is a means to an end and not the end. So when needed adjust your plans. That doesn’t mean that plans aren’t important. They just need to stay flexible. That is enough rambling. Here is my plan. Now you will be able to see how closely I follow it. I’m sharing it for two reason. Accountability and if you aren’t interested in the kinds of stuff I’m posting a certain days you won’t have to use your valuable time checking what I’ve posted that day.

  • Mondays: My Stuff Monday – my current, past and future projects
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays: focus on the DOABLE approach starting with step one: decide for the rest of May and June
  • Fridays: Pupdates – info about my puppies
  • Saturdays: Joy Jar

Since this is my third post today, I’ll might just wait until Monday to do my first “My Stuff Monday” post. But who knows, I’ll see how the rest of my day flows.

If there is something you would like me to post about, let me know and I’ll figure out a way to fit it in.


Update – revamping my blog

If you have followed the revamping of my blog you will notice that I’ve finished all the posts on the DOABLE approach to telling your family’s tale. So today, I checked back with my plan to see what was next on my list to do.

  • check revamp so far and adjust content plan if needed: Tuesday 14 May
  • move old content to new structure: Thursday, 16 May
  • move forward with new content plan: Monday, 20 May
  • start sharing with Google+: Monday, 3 June
  • start sharing with Pintrest: Monday, 1 July

So today I need to take a close look at my content plan and adjust it with my new structure and goals in mind. I also need to get started on moving my old content into the new blog plan. I think doing this could be very informative as to how my content plan needs to change. I want to make sure that all six step of the DOABLE plan has good ideas for how to carry out that step. With the set of posts I just completed there is some basic information but I’m sure there are lots more ideas and good information that would help in completing different story projects. I’m excited to have completed my revamp this far and anxious to see how the next steps develop.

How are you doing on your own projects? Do you have a story project in the works? I’d love to hear about it.