50 for 50 #31 – 25th Anniversary


from our wedding announcement 25 years ago

This week marked 25 years since Bill and I got married. I find it funny that I’m celebrating my 50th birthday and my 25th wedding anniversary in the same year. I spent some time thinking about the fact that I’ve spent half my life married. It feel kind of strange to think that I spent as many years single as I have married. Then my thoughts went to where will I be in another 25 years when I’m 75 years old and celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary.

It was my turn to plan our anniversary. With everything else I’ve done over the summer I forgot about our anniversary until about a week ago. So my plans had to be simple. I came up with 12 things to do with our courtship and marriage and wrote them on small pieces of paper. Then we drew a paper out and did what was on the paper. Bill took the day off work so we had the day together. We did a variety of things, including going to a movie (Dark Night Rising) in the theater where we our first movie together to downloading the first movie we saw (Mannequin) and watching it on Bill laptop. We had Chow Mein for dinner. I think this was the first meal that we fixed together. We drove by the business where we met and went to City Creek because the mall that use to be there is where we bought our wedding rings. It was a fun and relaxed day together and I’m grateful for the relationship that we have after 25 years.

What are your favorite things you have done to celebrate an anniversary?