50 Button Crafts: idea #5 – button flowers

button flowers from craftandfun.com

Got a box or jar full of buttons carefully saved by your mother or grandmother? For 2015 I’m in search of great ways to put those buttons to use. Here is this week’s idea:

This is a really fun way to use buttons. Makes me want to grab some scraps of yarn, a crochet hook and buttons and try this out. The website linked above is in Italian but the step by step photos are very clear. Plus you can use Google to translate if you need to. I go to our local elementary two days a week to listen to a couple of third grades read. I think they might just like some button flowers too.

It would be a good idea to document where the buttons for your project came from and any relevant stories or information about that person or family. If you are looking for more button crafts, check out my Pinterest board.


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