Pupdate: Emma

Emma at her last puppy class on September 2nd 2014

Emma at her last puppy class on September 2nd 2014

We found out this week that our 8th puppy that we raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind has been adopted. Remember back in November they discovered that she has a bad back so she couldn’t be a guide dog. So they have been looking for just the right situation for her and her luxating lumbar. Emma’s mom’s family wanted to take her but their life style was too active for Emma. On December’s update they said that another family was considering her. I don’t think that worked out either. But when we got the latest update they said that a long-time volunteer at GDB has adopted Emma. This person is retired to Emma isn’t home alone much and they are doing well together. I think that after 30 days we will get the official paper work on Emma’s adoption. Hopefully they will want to keep in touch. I have a hard time imagining a volunteer at Guide Dogs for the Blind not being willing to keep in touch with a puppy raiser, so I’m hopeful.

Today also marks 6 years since our very first puppy, Apex, graduated as a guide dog with his handler Sue. He will be 8 years only in May. The age that the “R” word starts to creep into the picture. We hope he will enjoy working for another year or two but it is a rare dog who works past 10 years old. So far he is a happy and healthy guide dog. Since he is very well-loved and taken care of, I think he will be working for a while yet.


2 thoughts on “Pupdate: Emma

  1. Apex’s vet feels he is still able to work as we have not had any health issues that would put his health/wellbeing at risk. She talked to GDB’s vet and both agree that he is still very healthy and unless we have an accident, he is good to go. His x-rays show no issues or concerns at this time. Since I retired this past June, our lives are no where near the level we had been working at. He loves spending time laying in the sun while I work in the yard and garden. We are praying for him to be able to work until age 10 and possibly beyond since I am retired.

    • Great news on Apex’s health. Your timing for retiring should help him in being able to work longer with you slower pace. Though knowing you, I’m sure you aren’t laying around too much. 10 would be awesome. I’ve heard of a few making it to 11 years but that is rare.

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