Pupdate: Fable & Inktober

Fable will be 16 weeks old on Monday. This is a milestone in a puppy in trainings life. She gets the last round of her regular vaccinations which lifts some restrictions on where she can go, place like parks and other high traffic dog areas like the pet store. Recently they added an extra parvo vaccination as an extra precaution against the virus. For puppy raisers 16 weeks is like the threshold of the puppy from preschool to grade school.

Fable had an unexpected trip to the vet this last Monday. About a week before I wondered if she might have an ear infection. Bill cleaned her ears and they were pretty dirty. Then when he checked the next night one of them was really dirty again. He cleaned it every day and sometime twice a day but it wasn’t improving. So I took her in to get it checked out. Turned out she has a lot of yeast in her ear so the vet put some thick medicine in and he will check it to make sure it is all better on Monday.

Here are my drawings for Inktober for the past week. Just one week to go. I’m super happy that I’ve been able to do a drawing everyday so far. I plan to keep it for one more week.


2 thoughts on “Pupdate: Fable & Inktober

  1. Apex has had to have the stuff for ear yeast as well. The vet here told me it is a normal thing for floppy eared dogs. If he sweats too much or gets in the pool he has trouble and usually ends up with the goopy stuff in his ears. I can not control the sweating but I do attempt to limit the pool runs to accidents – yes he has fallen in several times as has Yaya. They can not get it – no running around the pool deck. (just like kids- haha)

    Thanks for the cooler, nicer weather ! Apex loves it and mom has had trouble getting Yaya to come in at night as she likes the weather outside.

    The “kids” say HI ! and send their love.

    • We have beautiful weather here too. I don’t remember Apex ever having ear issues. I bet it is our super dry climate and your very humid one. It seems logical to me. Sometimes pups are super smart about things and other times not. They must not mind falling into the pool. Tell the “kids” hi from us too and we love all of you guys too!

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