Writing Challenge: day 26


Moving on to day 5 of the Armchair Genealogist‘s writing challenge! Today’s focus on the details of the setting for the story. There always seems to be more research to do. This is an ongoing learning experience. Lynn list 9 areas of opportunity to add setting details. The first one is history. This includes world, regional and local events. As I reviewed some of my earlier historical data, I noticed that Roger Bannister’s sub-four minute mile was in 1954. I wonder if there is a connection between that and the story I shared last week of some of my Dad’s coworkers and running a mile course.

Finding local Key West history for 1954 to 1957 has been more challenging but I’m gradually adding to my knowledge and understanding. It is good to have a string on days completing my challenge goals behind me again. Onward, I go. I may be slow but I am moving. I can see that Day 5 is going to take me a while to get through.


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