Writing Challenge: day 21

Hawaii 1954

My Dad with his first car in 1954

Today was more of the same from yesterday. I’m still working on Day 4 of the Armchair Genealogist‘s writing challenge. I’m about two-thirds of the way through his letters from 1956. I found a few passages in letters that I think will work well in the history. Here is one I really enjoyed.

Hey, let me tell you how I fixed a couple of guys here. Anyway, Friday I checked in and went to work, and these two guys kept bragging about the good time they had made running a one-mile course. And they had been running it every day so they were in condition to do it. So I said let’s go out at noon time and run it for fun. They kept riding me about how they would slow down and not run too fast for me. So I just said to myself I will just show these two birds who will have to slow down. Anyhow, I ran them into the ground and best them both by several hundred yards. No more remarks from them then it was my turn to give them a bad time.

Here are a few things that I gleaned from today’s reading:

  • friends make life fun
  • being busy helps pass the time
  • he had the same pair of loafers for 5 years
  • he likes to buy and listen to records
  • likes miniature rose better than full size roses
  • called is car “old junk” it was built in 1948
  • embarrassed about his childhood nickname
  • reliable
  • responsible
  • realistic
  • private
  • respects others
  • caring
  • helpful
  • service minded
  • needs some solitude
  • likes cold milk
  • desires self-improvement and goal oriented
  • knows his weaknesses
  • his friends tease him too
  • thought of himself as “just a sailor”
  • protective
  • competitive
  • athletic
  • confidence in teamwork
  • learns from experience
  • not very close to his family
  • honest

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