Dune: distance

Time for another page of Dune’s book. A new class starts on Monday and there are 11 dogs in Oregon in phase 8 with two more in 7. That gives Dune a 50/50 chance of being in this class. The bad part if Dune is in the next class, is that Emma is in heat and on house arrest until the end of the month so she wouldn’t be able to go to graduation with us. The good part is that no matter what happens next week it will be a good thing in one way or another. As an interesting side not, in the last few weeks Emma has taken to looking out the window too. She never did it while Dune was here.

Dune is the second of our pups to use the kitty tower to look out the front window. She is always interested in what is happening in the world around her. She doesn’t want to miss and thing. If she hears a sound outside she will run to the window and fine out what is going on. When we happen to leave her home she will watch us go. Or when she hears Bill get home from work she hops up on the kitty tower to have a better view of the outside world. She is the same way in the car. Dune is much more likely to be looking out the window of the car as we drive somewhere than to be snoozing as most dogs do.


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