Dune: dashing


The next dog day in Oregon is on Monday. I hope I’m not as anxious about it as I was the last one. I really do want the right match for Dune not a quick match, but I’m excited to see her take the next step on her journey. In the meantime, here is another page from her puppyhood book.

Dashing up and down the hall in our house is one of Dune’s favorite things. This usually happens after she has been out socializing and has had to manage herself and keep her excitement in check. When she gets home she just needs to let loose for a bit and dash up and down the hall. Just before bed she also likes to do this. Dune and Emma are quite the pair of labs when the too of them running up and down the hall way. I call it the Indy 500. Her cohort in these races was usually our 8th puppy in training Emma.


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