Writing Challenge: day 3

Today for my writing challenge, I finished reading The Companion Guide to The Family History Writing Challenge” by Lynn Palermo. Then I called my Dad to ask questions and make some decisions about his book. We determined that this will be a Legacy type book with pictures and documents along with the third person narrative. It was interesting when I asked my Dad if he wanted it in first person on third person he said that if it was in first person it would sound like he was bragging.

We worked through Lynn’s worksheets on identifying the theme and focus of the book. One comment I didn’t expect and I wonder if it is common in his generation. When I asked him about the emotions he felt when thinking about this book, he assumed I meant negative emotions.

This book focuses on the time that my Dad was an instructor at the Underwater Swimmers School in Key West Florida from 1954 to 1957. He was part of setting the school up and it was the first time that the Navy had a formal school for training in using SCUBA. He hopes to share the many positive things that he gained from the Navy, the new experiences, people he met and the things he learned and taught to others. His experiences in Navy EOD are rather unique and they shaped his life for the better.

We also filled out the Story Arc Worksheet about why he went to Key West, his goals and the possible risks in doing so. I learned more about some of the challenges that they faced in getting ready and teaching the first set of students. I still don’t know how or what I’m actually going to write, but I’m moving forward with the hope that the ideas and words will come if I lay the groundwork and diligently work through the process.

I still have more work to do in organizing and gathering resources but I’m hoping to start the writing process by the first week of June. As long as a put in my time each day, I’ll be pleased with my progress even if it takes longer than that. See you back here tomorrow.


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