Dune: duplicate & phase 6

Yeah for phase 6! I had myself mentally prepared for another phase 5 this week. Sometimes when a dog jumps a phase they are in the same phase the next week. I even stayed up until the phase report came out a 2 a.m. this morning. Bill was working late so I decided I’d read my book for book club (The Rent Collector) and wait for it to show up. I’ve been paranoid to do that because last time I tried to see the phase report in the middle of the night with Zodiac something went wrong with my access and I didn’t get to see the report for a couple of days. Here is a short description of what Dune is learning in phase 6.

Phase 6

Dune had an older brother (puppy in training #6) Zodiac the first 4 months that we raised her. She looked up to Zodiac and wanted to be just like him. Even though the were opposite in color and gender they were so much alike in other ways. It was amazing how many times when Dune was young that she would be laying in the exact same position as Zodiac, a duplicate of him.

It was fun when the tables were turned and Dune was the older pup and Emma (puppy in training #8) was the one looking up to Dune and wanting to be just like her.


2 thoughts on “Dune: duplicate & phase 6

  1. I notice Yakira doing the same thing with Apex. She copies him a lot more so since Ruby returned to the frozen north – yes my aunt is still getting snow – 12 inches the other day. It will be fun to see how she does on the cruise since he is an old hat and she is a newby…

    • I love seeing that outward manifestation of the inward connection. I bet Yakira learns a lot from Apex’s on the cruise! Too bad about the cold weather for you aunt. Sounds like she went home too soon.

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