Phase 6!

Casey with reindeer antlers – photo by Lisa Thompson

Got an email from Lindsey today that Casey and Radison are both in phase 6. Our CFR is on vacation so the phase report didn’t make it through normal channels but Lindsey has her connections and I appreciate her using them to find out how the girls are doing.

Phase 6 – Urban Challenges
Obedience and Distraction Training

Continues as in phase 5.

Advanced Guidework Training
Dogs work in both residential area without sidewalks and downtown urban areas with challenging environments
Focus on working the dogs at a pace and pull that is appropriate for a client.
Instructors commonly work each others’ dogs to continue to develop and monitor consistent responses of each dog in various environments (formal, casual and during guidework).

NEW! Sidewalkless Technique Introduction
Dogs learn how to work in areas without sidewalks or reasonable shoulder on which to walk. The travel line is the left side of the street facing oncoming traffic. Dogs learn how to respond to intersecting streets and parked cars along their travel line.

NEW! Platform Edge Intro and Exposure Work
Dogs learn to avoid significant drop-offs that mimic subway and rail platform edges.

NEW! Light Rail, Subway systems
Dogs practice edge avoidance when train is absent, and boarding/riding on available trains.

Obstacle Course Progression
Continues as in phase 5.

Pre-Matches for Select Clients
Dogs are identified for applicants with special needs or requirements in a Guide Dog.

Socialization Programs
CWTs continue to focus on kennel enrichment and relaxing time away from guidework lessons (community run, grooming, play sessions, campus walks, dog massage, Reiki).

Leash relieving exposure on cement begins.


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