Joy Jar

P1040284A few low spots early in the week but mostly it has been a good week with some great high spots.

  • Zodiac in phase 6
  • peach pancakes
  • blueberries from Boring, Oregon (that is where Zodiac is training to be a guide dog)
  • tender mercies
  • “My Grandma Mary” on Amazon
  • eating veggies from our garden
  • learning new things
  • teaching my dad to use a computer
  • a colt in the field
  • Dune enjoying her bath
  • fresh peaches
  • cooler temperatures
  • being mostly ready for girls camp next week
  • helping out a friend
  • getting help from friends
  • new wireless keyboard and mouse
  • new Crocs
  • Banta’s birthday
  • sharing veggies from my garden with my neighbor
  • walking with Dune and Lisa

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