Joy Jar

P1040284A fairly normal week other than adjusting to Zodiac’s departure. It is nice that things have really warmed up and summer is on its way.

  • taking a nap
  • talking with my dad
  • sunshine
  • Casey’s 3rd birthday
  • Dune and Beacon snuggling
  • Dune’s personality
  • hiking with Dune
  • Bill getting home
  • email and photos from Waffle
  • snuggling with Dune
  • finishing planting my garden
  • Apex’s 5th birthday
  • getting a hair cut
  • raising Zodiac
  • dejunking the house
  • a one dog household
  • finishing Volume 6 of “Our Family”
  • growing things
  • hair out of my eyes
  • finishing watching the RootsTech feed

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