Joy Jar

P1040284Two weeks worth of happy moments:

  • getting our big kennel back
  • beautiful day
  • a twilight walk with Zodiac
  • chocolate
  • blooming trees
  • same day crown on my cracked tooth
  • finishing Zodiac’s paper work
  • finishing Zodiac’s farewell party invites
  • how good Zodiac was today
  • a good day
  • Dune doing good at the dentist
  • the power of computers and the internet
  • another twilight walk
  • beautiful spring morning
  • getting some work in on the Key West history
  • finding two of Dune’s siblings
  • a good week
  • puppy club shirts came
  • cleaning up old emails
  • super beautiful day
  • “girl” time with Dune
  • finding a white backdrop
  • having enough gas to get home
  • walking dogs in the spring sunshine
  • update from Diane and Yakira
  • chatting with Karen
  • petals like snow on the ground
  • walk with Zodiac
  • Bill home early
  • spring snow storm
  • Zodiac’s last choir practice
  • Zodiac maturing
  • Sunday nap
  • hot lemon and honey tea



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