Joy Jar


What a difference a week can make. Last week was a mess and I got very little done beyond taking care of myself. This past week has been so much better. It feels good to be back at it.

  • Zodiac and Tiffany
  • making the 6:30 train
  • warmer days ahead
  • comfortable spring breeze
  • sunny afternoon
  • spring bulbs
  • Bill setting up the watering system for the garden
  • spring colors
  • warm sun on my face
  • tulips
  • the Gentle Leader
  • Zodiac and Dune laying calmly on the train
  • my eye all back to normal
  • a good day
  • figuring out my DOABLE approach
  • a nap with Gandy
  • message from Sue & Apex
  • Eagle with the kids at church
  • new blog theme
  • a lovely walk with Dune
  • the hope of warmer days
  • a double dog walk
  • a good day with my sister
  • 70+ degrees
  • another puppy tooth
  • planting my garden
  • watching Dune and Eagle chewing side by side
  • strawberries and yogurt

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