Joy Jar


Somehow I’ve missed posting my list of happy things for a couple of weeks. Life can get out of balance sometimes and little but important things can slip through the cracks.

  • a good day
  • Dune enjoying her stuffed Kong
  • April
  • peace and quiet
  • sweet and cuddly Dune
  • getting things on my “to do list” done
  • tulips blooming
  • getting internet access back
  • having a girls day with Dune
  • Zodiac being so good with the school kids
  • a double dog walk
  • tulips
  • starting our garden
  • happy Dune!
  • warmer days
  • grape hyacinths
  • walking with Cherri
  • cute Dune
  • sunshine
  • spring rain
  • cuddling with our cat
  • walking with Dune
  • beautiful music
  • finding one of Dune’s teeth
  • color
  • Dune & Zodiac together
  • sewing
  • a momma duck in our backyard again this year
  • Dune’s new blanket
  • Tillamook yogurt
  • walking the Jordan River Trail with Zodiac
  • 20% done with my Jordan River Trail goal for the year
  • planting my tomato starts in the garden
  • radishes, greens and spinach coming up in the garden
  • getting a haircut
  • strawberries
  • seeing “My Grandma Mary” in print
  • getting flights booked for my dad
  • a new pair of jeans (that are long enough)
  • a successful birthday party for my mom
  • listening to General Conference
  • getting Yakira’s book sent off
  • Clifford visiting
  • feeling more organized

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