Joy Jar


Spring is really here! I guess the calendar says it arrives next week but it is really here. I’m so glad. I love having season but this year the winter seemed to last longer than normal.

  • deep blue skies
  • Zodiac with the kids as school
  • my cute puppies
  • finishing Dune’s blanket
  • finding my purse before I realized it was lost
  • taking a Sunday nap
  • crocus under our pear tree
  • Tricia stopping by
  • sweatshirt weather
  • warm sunshine
  • singing
  • sunny warm days
  • doing “go to bed” with Zodiac and Dune
  • taking a good walk with Dune
  • chatting with friends
  • planting starts for my garden
  • my lettuce coming up
  • Bill getting most of the garden rototilled
  • Dune and Zodiac snuggled together
  • how good Zodiac was at Costco


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