Joy Jar


Another week has slipped away. Spring is really coming, I can feel it!

  • a puppy slumber party
  • Karen’s help
  • teaching scouts about Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • 52 degrees outside
  • getting things off my “plate”
  • Zodiac playing tug with scouts
  • smell of flowers at Cook’s Greenhouse
  • having four big commitments finished
  • a laid-back kind of day
  • finding the crayons
  • quiet misty morning walk
  • Yukon Gold potatoes
  • sleeping in
  • Zodiac sitting calmly as a class of kids walked by
  • signs of spring
  • finishing my candy class
  • tulips coming up
  • Dune’s first neighborhood walk
  • one tiny crocus blossom
  • flock of geese
  • being done with my Relief Society lesson
  • hottest day of the year so far
  • Bountiful Baskets
  • spring!

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