My Joy Jar


This week these things brought happiness to my life:

  1. Cava (Dune’s mom) is Casey’s (puppy #3) litter-mate
  2. every time Dune pees & poops outside
  3. Dune & Jacob cuddling
  4. talking to Sue on the phone
  5. getting more sleep
  6. the power of food protocol
  7. new panel behind my desk
  8. Dune’s spunky attitude
  9. helping my sister learn to email attachments
  10. helping Kris
  11. Dune relieving
  12. Dune sleeping
  13. Dune snuggling with Zodiac
  14. Yakira in class
  15. Dune in her jacket
  16. colors of my knitting project
  17. Dune on the stairs
  18. purple
  19. finishing my fingerless gloves
  20. watching Dune take a nap
  21. Dune sleeping until 6 a.m.
  22. Zodiac doing his happy dance
  23. warmer temperatures outside
  24. coming home to a dry Dune in her kennel
  25. how good Dune & Zodiac were at puppy class
  26. Dune pooping outside
  27. thinking of seeing Yakira soon



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