My Joy Jar


This week I found joy in:

  1. some of the names that were suggested for our soon to come “D” puppy
  2. Dune taking a nap under my desk
  3. warm house
  4. Mom & Dad coming down
  5. Dune playing with Zodiac
  6. Zodiac’s progress in staying calm around energetic boys
  7. Dune playing with her toys
  8. Dune learning to go down the stairs
  9. Dune!
  10. talking with Rochelle
  11. sleep
  12. reading all the name guesses for our “D” girl
  13. happy puppy faces
  14. a warm bed
  15. sleep
  16. silence after a Dune tantrum
  17. the sun
  18. looking at the Christmas card from Waffle
  19. cute quilt blocks for Heather’s quilt
  20. chatting with neighbors at book club
  21. teaching boy scouts about Guide Dogs for the Blind
  22. the progress Dune is making on being quiet

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