My Joy Jar


The things that made me smile this week are:

  1. getting my finished 50 for 50 book
  2. having a cat sitting on my lap
  3. seeing the creative expressions of the candy class participants
  4. looking at the card from Waffle and Carole
  5. installing Adobe CS 6
  6. cleaner air and warmer temperatures
  7. Bill finding the Christmas Card from Waffle
  8. Zodiac standing at the top of the stairs on my blanket
  9. the way zodiac runs through the snow, tucking his legs under and sort of pogo sticking around the yard
  10. being an animal sandwich (taking a nap between Zodiac and our cat)
  11. Zodiac playing hide n’ seek under the blanket
  12. thinking of getting a new puppy next week
  13. the way zodiac looks to me for a kibble when he resists jump on someone who walks by
  14. the toddler walking down the hall at the clinic
  15. the email with photos from Carrie and Casey
  16. getting Adobe CS 6 Premium
  17. photos of Waffle in her new home
  18. sharing the fun of candy as an art medium
  19. the hope of getting someone help for their challenges
  20. talking a walk in the “warm” weather with Zodiac
  21. Yakira in phase #7
  22. hot and crusty sourdough bread
  23. snow
  24. a female yellow lab with a “D” name coming next week

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