Shutterfly Booked – Arrived

There was a bright orange box sitting by my front door today. It was from Shutterfly. It is always fun to have a book arrive and get to see the hard copy of what I created on the computer. I’m happy with the results. Since it is 8″ x 8″ inches it is bigger than Blurb‘s 7″ x 7″ book that is a favorite of mine. Another difference is the cover is glosses while the Blurb cover has a matte finish. I tend to lean to the matte but there isn’t anything wrong with the glossy. Overall the Shutterfly book seems to be of a good quality. So if having complete control of you design isn’t something you care about Shutterfly seems to be a good choice. But I’ll be sticking with Blurb and their PDF to book workflow because I didn’t like not having the control that I’m use to having when doing a Shutterfly book. I will keep them in mind for other projects though.


2 thoughts on “Shutterfly Booked – Arrived

    • Shutterfly is great for that but Blurb also has templates that makes it easy to do. But looking at the two sites, I think Shutterfly’s focus is more for those with little or no experience as their customize option is new. While on Blurb’s site they have three level; template, customize and full creative control. Blurb’s most popular is the customize. The path I use is full creative control.
      The other big thing that is different with Shutterfly is they have tons of other photo products. Blurb is very focused on books.
      Not sure I totally answered your question but I hope so.

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