Liebster Award for TellingFamilyTales – Part 2a


Liebster-Blog-Award (Photo credit: dont ✗ kaysiao)

So for this part of fulfilling the requirements for a Liebster Award I will be answering the questions that my nominator (Mom of  Maybe someone should write that down. . . ) put together. Here goes:

1.  If I weren’t blogging about this stuff I would be…

. . . lets see, probably taking a nap.

2.  Who are you named after?

family tradition says that I’m named after my dad (Ray) and my uncle (Lynn).

3. I would like my epitaph to read as follows:

that I made the world a better place because of how I lived my life.

4.  Favorite quote:

this is a tough one, I’m not sure if I have a favorite quote. There are lots of sayings that I really like but not sure that I can attribute them to a single person. My current favorite that I’m trying to live each day is “Find Wonder & Delight”

5.  Something I will never understand is…(no fair using “Math” I’ve had a lock on that answer for years)

. . . how anyone can be mean to a puppy.

6.  If  I could run around all day everyday, dressed any way that I pleased I would wear:

a comfy pair of jeans and a big sloppy sweatshirt.

7.  What class do you wish you had paid more attention to in school?

I can’t remember ever thinking that. Maybe I just didn’t pay enough attentions to even know that I was missing out on learning something. I sometime wish that I was better at learning languages but I’m not sure that paying more attention in class would change that.

8.  Do you write full-time?

I’m not sure I even write part-time. I don’t consider myself a writer. I only do it because there isn’t a choice.

9.  What’s your dream job

playing around with new and creative projects and getting paid for it.

10. Where is your dream Writer’s Corner?

my dream (non)writer’s corner would be a comfy window seat with just the right amount of sunlight and gorgeous views of mountains and/or the ocean and/or a pasture with horses grazing.

11.  What’s the craziest thing you have ever learned about your family?

That years ago it wasn’t uncommon to reuse the name of a child that died young. It seems crazy to me to think of more than one child with the same name.

Now I can check one more thing of my to do list. The second part of this requirement will be coming soon. With any luck, tomorrow.


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