Liebster Award for TellingFamilyTales – Part 1


Liebster-Blog-Award (Photo credit: dont ✗ kaysiao)

Last month Mom (also know as Kassie) of Maybe someone should write that down. . . nominated this blog for a Liebster Award. Not unsurprisingly I didn’t have a clue what a Liebster was so I had to look it up. Liebster is a German word meaning dearest. I’m thinking it should be renamed to the Yakira award because Yakira is a Hebrew name that also means dear or precious. Anyway I’m getting sidetrack. The basic idea behind the Liebster is to promote small but hopefully up and coming blogs. To accept this award there are four requirements.

  1. post 11 things about myself
  2. answer the questions the nominator made up and create 11 questions for the blogs that I will nominate for a Liebster
  3. link the 11 blogs I choose to nominate
  4. go and tell the nominees that they have been nominated

I’m going to tackle this task list in four parts so stay tuned for me to fulfill all the requirements. I’d like to procrastinate posting 11 things about myself but it doesn’t make much sense to my semi-orderly mind to go out of the order above, so here goes.

  1. I was born in Hawaii (yes, I’m a Navy brat)
  2. I’m the youngest in my family (I have two older sisters)
  3. I’m much taller than average (over 6 feet)
  4. I love all flavors of ice cream (except maple nut – it’s a childhood thing)
  5. growing up my dad told us that we were tall because we ate spaghetti
  6. I played the flute in Jr. High
  7. I won the gold medal in high jump at the state track meet when I was in high school
  8. my basketball team went undefeated my senior year of high school
  9. Starbursts and Skittles are my favorite candies
  10. I once did a multimedia (slide show) project in college that was just photos of hundreds of Skittles
  11. I used to own a custom picture framing shop with my sister

I’m so glad I survived that step. It wasn’t nearly as painful as I imagined. Check back tomorrow for the next task, answering Mom’s 11 questions.


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